Kamailio at COMMCON Conference 2019

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Report about the COMMCON conference 2019 and interesting talks about Kamailio that happened here


Please note that this page is work in progress and will be updated during the next days during the conference

My talk at COMMCON

The talk is structured in two parts.

The first part gives you a detailed overview about Kamailio and its (business & open source) community. I will highlight important new features currently in development and explain how the project is run and managed. This part finish with an overview of integration methods in your existing software stack.

The second part focus on several important use cases for different scenarios:

  • How to use Kamailio to scale and secure your network
  • how to use the power of Kamailio to route thousands of calls per second
  • how to setup with Kamailio modules a distributed setup.

I will finish with performance and availability guidelines from my experience with large real-world deployments.

Update: in the original version of the talk there were some audio issues, they are now fixed in the new version.

You can find the presentation slides in the archive in this page.

You can find a recording of my talk on youtube and also below.

The talk from Kenn Leth Hansen

After my talk another interesting talk were presented from Kenn Leth Hansen from the company Fullrate. He build a new Kamailio infrastrcture for a 350.000 subscriber. You can find a recording of this talk also on youtube.

Meeting with Kamailio users and community

During the conference I met with several Kamailio users and also community members. Some random notes:

  • Turkcell (a major Turkish telco) use Kamailio for implementing a mobile network application
  • AirBNB uses Kamailio for routing calls to their customer service center
  • sipgate were presenting about how they build their MVNO infrastructure with open source
  • I talked with Charles Chances about improving the DMQ support in Kamailio (especially related to the dialog module which is currently not synchronizing everything)
  • As usual, you learn about many users of Kamailio, which you did not know before


I was the first time at COMMCON this year. At first the "residential" conference concept feel a bit strange to me, but I liked it a lot. The location was great, the people were fantastic, interesting talks etc.. Many thanks to Dan Jenkins for organizing it this year again.

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