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Report about the Kamailio World Online 2020

About Kamailio World

Usually all Kamailio developers and everybody in the Kamailio projects meet together in Berlin in the spring for the annual Kamailio World Conference. For obvious reasons this year this was not possible, so we decided to do a smaller conference in an online format.

Talks and schedule

The conference focussed more on talks closer to the Kamailio project and were not covering the whole set of related projects (e.g. for monitoring, call rating etc..).

The talks covered many interesting topics, from high-availabilty setups with Kamailio to security protection against attackers, modern development with docker and even a Ask Me Anything session with the developers.

It was held on two days in the (German) afternoon to evening beginning of September. In the beginning we had smaller technical challenges in the setup, but they could be solved from Daniel and Fred in a short time. Many thanks to both of them for hosting the conference and providing the necessary technical infrastructure.

The conference program and all talks can be found here. All recorded talks will be available on the KamailioWorld youtube channel here.

Project birthday celebration

In the evening we also celebrated the 19th birthday of the Kamailio project with some (distributed) cake and drinks.

Overall we had a really good participation, about 100 people were present in the sessions or watched them on youtube. The project Matrix channel were also used a lot to discuss the talks and relatedt topics.

My talk about MS Teams SBCs with Kamailio

I gave a talk about my experiences with Microsoft Teams SBC customer projects with Kamailio in the last month. Due to the 30 minutes presentation slot I talk more about general challenges and best practises, and did not added many configuration details etc.. These can be found in my older blog post about this topic.

You can find the presentation slides in the archive on this page.

The talk recording is available on youtube as well. The talk can be found here and also below.


Overall I really liked the experience of the conference, even if of course it can not fully replace a meeting in person in a conference center etc..

But I am really happy to participated in it and looking forward to the next year edition, which maybe can happen again in Berlin.

We can support you using Kamailio as SBC for MS Teams - more information here.

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